Thursday, November 09, 2006

And there was light

From looking at the site statistics, I realize that I set up this blog in March 2005 so it has only taken me a year and a half to write my first post - not bad for the king of all procrastinators, even if I say so myself!

I've flattered myself for a long time by thinking that there are people who would be interested in what I say but sniveling coward that I am, I've always been afraid to test that theory and finding out that, basically, no one gives a rat's ass about what I think or do.

Not that I am setting high standards or anything, or expecting to out-Kos the Daily Kos. If the eight or so people who got conned into becoming my friends over the years read this, then I've pretty much reached my target audience. On the other hand if each of those eight were to pass the word on to eight of their friends, and each of them passed it on a further eight and then... well, you see it how it works. I could go from the initial eight to the entire population of the world in about 11 easy steps! In the old days it was called the "Ghost to Ghost Hook-up". Now its called MySpace.

But I digress...

As I'm often wont to do. Get used to it.

Anyhoo... what I'm hoping is to do is some introspection, make some observations and hopefully cause a little consternation - essentially write about whatever the hell I want (ain't the internet great?!). Which, as you will soon realize, will be often be food, the City, movies, books, photography - basically everything listed grandiosely under "Interests" in the profile page - and a whole lot of completely random crap. That's the stream of consciousness part of the blog! But hopefully, my posts will be funny enough and interesting enough for you come back.

Any similarity, in a cheap Chinese knock-off kind of way, to Bill Simmons' (ESPN's Sports Guy) writing style is wholly intentional and my 'umble way of sucking up to the best sports columnist in the US right now. If you want to read the real thing, and you should, see the link on the right. I will now patiently wait for Simmons to break my knuckles with a pair of pliers.

Now that I've finally got the first post in, I will try and post regularly - on weekends to start with and maybe more (or less) often in the future. I am a complete novice at this game and I'm still figuring out the technology and learning as I go. If, at the moment, this looks like the windows 3.1 of blogs, a little patience, bitte - I will improve/add things in the future.

So, welcome to Omphaloskepsis! I hope you like what you see and that you will be back. If you would like to make rude comments, snide remarks, scatological jokes or even helpful suggestions, fire at will.

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